How To Solve Your Biggest Barrier to Start

We often create so many barriers on ourselves. Barriers to start. Barriers to achieve what we truly want. We complicate things and overthink it.
We have conflicting beliefs that tell us our dreams are too difficult to achieve. The barriers we impose on ourselves delay doing the very thing we need to: take action.
So we make it complex in order to excuse ourselves from starting. We decide if I just had this or if things were this way, then I would start. What if you could make the process of taking action more simple and exciting? Do you think taking action could change your life? Is there a way to entice action instead of avoid it?
Humans like novelty. Ask any woman who has a closet full of clothes and still feels she has “nothing to wear.” We like new. We like the novelty of something we haven’t seen before. Enter consumer psychology.
Even if we already have an item at home that works perfectly fine, we still want the latest and greatest. There is a better way to use this innate psychology to actually help us achieve our goals.
This novelty mentality can be used as a strategy to help you get started. Ask yourself what novelty item you can invest in that will get you excited about taking action. Sometimes all you need is the right gear to give you that extra push. Let’s look at a few examples.
I’m a huge advocate for journaling. I talk about it in my Amazon Best Seller, Escaping Average.  I believe in the power of writing things down on paper, because it creates certain neural networks in your brain to solidify your thoughts.
Up until recently, I had a few standard bound journals but nothing too fancy. I went through journaling phases but was never quite consistent. My friend Kelly runs a handcrafted leather journal company called Foxy Fix. She was kind enough to send me one and it completely changed the frequency of my journaling.
I carry my Foxy Notebook with me everyday. I take notes more and write things down, whereas before it was few and far between. I look forward using it and it has helped me tremendously to achieve my goals.
It was a touch of novelty combined with a high quality product that sparked action. Having the right product will get you started and help you stay consistent. I’m sure you’ve experienced something similar in your life.
Have you ever gotten something new and didn’t hesitate to use it? You stopped creating these barriers because the novelty overcame them. You were so excited about your new running shoes or that new song and you couldn’t wait to get outside and go for a jog. It forced you to take action on your goals.
I encourage you to invest in something new that can help you take action. It’s a beautiful feeling when you have a little push in the right direction.
Common examples include:
Exercise - Running Shoes and New Music
Cooking - Kitchen Gadgets
Smoothies - Vitamix High Power Blender
Drink Water - Water Bottle that measures your daily hydration intake
Tennis - Tennis Racket and Balls
You get the idea. These are just a few examples to help you brainstorm what you can invest in. There is typically a product out there for just about anything these days.
Our willpower alone is never enough. We need to have a reason to get started and getting the right gear will often give you the strategy to overcome your initial barriers.
What have you been putting off? What can you invest in that will spark action?
Let me know in the comments below.

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