One Simple Secret for Growing Your Future

It happens one day. To everyone. You wake up and realize life is about more than just walking with the crowd. Life isn’t about hanging out with your friends anymore. One day you’re an adult with responsibilities and you don’t even know how you got there.
Aren’t you supposed to feel like an adult? When you’re a kid you see adults as these super humans. These protective beings who make all the right decisions and are fearless. They know all the answers. I guess I always thought that’s what being an adult meant. Somehow I thought I would grow into this “adult” role.
After school is over and you spend years working, you realize this is it. This is why I was in such a rush to grow up? So I can get a job, be in a committed relationship, spend every weekday sitting in an office, evenings cooking dinner and tending to chores, and slowly grow apart from all my friends? Youth doesn’t prepare you for adulthood. At least it didn’t for me.
You realize if you want to do something great with your life, you have to take risks. You have to punch fear in the face and go the extra mile. You have to be different and take leaps.
You get your first or second job out of college and are awakened to the fact that you have to make your life worthy. Otherwise, you’ll just rot away with mundane and end up like too many people. They go to their jobs everyday and never really accomplish too much other than paying their bills. Is this what life's really about? Where’s the drive and the purpose? Where’s the fulfillment?
I do not want to fall into that trap. I don’t want you to either. I don’t want you to settle. I want you to be able to achieve more than you can ever imagine. I can’t imagine living a boring life in which I stopped aiming to learn more and do more. I want to make the most out of the life I was given.
And how do we do that?  Simply by caring.
I was at the grocery store checking out at the register with all of my produce. I mentioned to my significant other how I should have gotten organic cucumbers. Cucumbers are on the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen list of most contaminated produce. So I looked to Mark and made that statement.
The cashier hears me and asks me why. I look at him in confusion. He says, “Why do you need organic?”
Caught off guard by that question I respond, “Cucumbers are loaded with pesticides.”
He then condescendingly proceeds, “So what did you do before organic? You’re still alive right?”
Mind you, I’m not very quick on my feet. I was so taken back with his patronizing comment that I just kind of looked at him. “Well I’m still in my twenties so of course I’m healthy now.”
The cashier is still grinning ear to ear as if to literally make fun of me for my choices in purchasing clean produce.
My boyfriend, unlike me, is very quick on his feet. He looks the cashier dead in the eye and asks, “So why do you work at the health food store then?”
The cashier, dumbfounded, immediately silenced. He bagged the rest of our “shameful” organic produce and we left.
I was stunned by what just happened. How could he work for a health food grocery store that sells healthy organic produce and proceed to talk to customers that way? More importantly, how could someone not care about their health? He was making fun at us for caring about what we put into our bodies, when we’re at an establishment that prides itself on its healthy selection.
We walk out of the store and I look at Mark. “I guess you don’t take a guy seriously when he could afford to lose about 50 pounds. I’m not perfect but at least I care.”
The sad thing is most people simply don’t care. When you don’t care about the very body you were given, how can you care about anything else in your life? Taking care of yourself is respecting the life you were given. It is caring deeply for yourself and the impact you can make.
I want you to care about your life. Because people who care are the ones who are the most fulfilled. They are the happiest because they care about themselves and others. If you don’t even care about if you’re poisoning your body or not, how can you care about your happiness?
You have to take control of your life because no one else will do it for you. No one else cares if you eat organic, or go to the gym, or make passive income, or write in your journal, or anything for that matter. It’s up to you to care and make the most out of your time here on this planet.
Because if not, you’ll end up like the cashier at the health food store. Who simply doesn’t care. Until he’ll be forced to care when he is spending enormous amounts of money on prescription drugs due to the poor choices he made, instead of nourishing his body with all that organic “nonsense” he pokes fun of.
Don’t end up like him. He’s average. He is a cashier who doesn’t believe in organic produce yet works at a store with large ORGANIC signs all over the establishment.  He clearly doesn’t care about his life and I feel sad for him.
I want to help you care. Because your life is important and it matters. The road to caring isn’t the easy route, but it’s exciting and impactful. I want to help you care more about the things you truly want out of your life.
What’s one thing you vow to care more about starting now? Let me know in the comments below.
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