Hook Up With Failure - Often, Dirty, & Rough

Failure. That word causes most of us to cringe. It’s something we as humans very much hate feeling. We don’t like to admit when we put our best foot forward and it wasn’t good enough. It hurts our ego. It makes us feel incompetent. It sticks in us the way a knife would.
It’s no wonder we avoid it at all costs. Failure is what keeps us from achieving. It keeps us in our comfort zones. It keeps us steady.
Fear of Failure:
      Controls us.
      The reason people don’t go after their dreams.
      Why people choose comfort and security over taking risks.
Failure has such a drastic effect on our life that we do everything in our power to make sure we never fail. Is this really a healthy approach? Or simply just safe?
Every single successful human being that has ever existed has failed countless times before they reached a level of success. They went through heartbreak, rejection, and doubts just as everyone else. Take these three classic examples:
      1. Michael Jordan
   Cut from his high school basketball team. When he found out, he locked himself in his bedroom and cried.
      2. Oprah
   Fired from her first news reporter job because they felt she was unfit for television news.
      3. JK Rowling
   Fired from her secretary job and lived in poverty for years before she wrote the first lines of Harry Potter. The book was rejected by publishers over a dozen times.
The list goes on and on with world-famous successful people who failed, yet kept going despite the struggle. Yes they were distraught. Yes their egos were bruised. Yes they cried. Yes they felt they weren’t good enough. Yes they felt they were complete failures.
Can you imagine their fate had they not kept going? None of them would have achieved their success. Michael Jordan would never have been claimed the best basketball player of all time. Oprah never would have run 25 seasons of the Oprah Winfrey Show and become one of the most influential women on the planet. JK Rowling would never have published the most successful book series of all time. They all would have remained ordinary people doing ordinary things.
Yes, they overcame these hard failures and went on to achieve so much more than they could have ever imagined. The point is - no one is good in the beginning. We all have to start somewhere. We all will fail numerous times.
I challenge you to get excited to fail. Make it your goal to fail. When your goal is to succeed, there’s too much pressure. When you decide you want to fail, all the pressure is off and you can take action without worrying about all the nuances that come with it.
Maybe it’s a precursor to success, because it shows you still have some learning to do. Success works like a pendulum. On one side you have failure, rejection, and pain. On the other side you have success, accomplishment, and joy. So swing the pendulum as hard as possible and you can reap the most success on the other end.
You have to decide it’s okay to fail, especially in the beginning. You are not immune to failure. No one is. Yet, you are in charge of how you control your mindset. If it didn’t work the first time, try again. Use the failure to learn from it so you can attempt another approach. You have to train yourself not to give up so easily.
Failure keeps so many of us from even beginning to think our dreams our possible. We immediately crush our dreams before we start. Why do we continue to do that to ourselves? We have to stop tearing ourselves apart. Instead we must empower our thoughts to persevere and be willing to struggle for what we truly want out of this life.
What’s one thing you’ve been scared to do because of your fear of failure?
I would love to hear in the comments below.
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