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Do you feel something's missing? Has life gotten boring, routine, and you find yourself unfullfilled?

Escaping Average is a personal development book to help you spark positive momentum in your life and achieve amazing results today! It will give you simple, effective tips to escape mediocrity and live a life full of growth and personal progress.

This book will show you how to stop focusing on what you can't control and start taking charge to make positive transformation in your life. In this clear, consice book you will be able to take a hard look at each of the 6 key areas of your life.

You will learn to take daily actionable steps to progress forward and reach a higher level of fulfillment.  Escaping Average shows you how to spark momentum in your life so that you can live optimally, and get more out of life.


You deserve results

1. Learn how to leverage your current lifestyle to    change by adding new powerful habit.  We all know how hard it is to change old habits...  You'll be surprised how easy this new approach really is! 

2. Master the 6 key categories of life by implementing 18 simple tips. These tips are designed through scientific research. 

3. Join the #sparkmomentum movement today!


When you PURCHASE you'll RECEIVE:

5 interviews from successful people achieving powerful results in their life
18 Simple and effective tips to help you gain momentum 
6 30-Day challenges correlating with Each core area of your life

Listen to Cynthia featured on: 

Listen to Cynthia on Beyond the Rut Podcast  

Listen to Cynthia on Beyond the Rut Podcast 

Cynthia on life habits podcast

Cynthia on life habits podcast


What People are Saying:

"Everyone needs a reminder of how to create that momentum to a better, more fulfilled person. Don't wait for the perfect moment to improve, learn and do the things you know you need but never quite get around to it. Cynthia says 'Why wait for it? Divided into six parts, Spirituality, Intellect, Health, Career, Finance and Social, this book provides well researched, well written advice on how to spark momentum in your life. A book to read and come back to when you slip back into old habits.  I will be trying all the 30 day challenges at the end of each chapter. Marking it on the calendar now!”
-Lisa Fleetwood
"This is exactly what you have been looking for in a book. Short, clear exact steps to take in order to do what you always wanted in life. I would suggest you buy this book for twice the price. If you need a short book with exact steps to build momentum in your life this is it.”                                                                                                                                    -Brandon Cunningham
"If you want to get on a track of living more abundantly, more present and overall happier, this is a great book to read. The authors well organized message, interviews with the experts and overall grasp on what is important in life is helpful and meaningful. Her message is clear-- and it's you can live better, and not just let life pass you by. Escaping Average leaves you with tips at the end of each chapter that allow you to put words into action. Easy to read, motivating and rewarding. I highly recommend reading this book if you're even slightly contemplating being happier and better (and who isn't?).”                                                                                                                                          -Brittany Lehenbauer
“Outstanding Book! Cynthia's book has unique appeal. Her writing style is direct, succinct and enjoyable. Cruising through this book is a true pleasure. I feel she offers many tips which are easy to apply to simplify and improve the quality of your life. In a world that is filled with negativity, you can just feel her positivity uplifting your spirit!”           -Willem Bos
"An awesome combination of insight from real life experiences and research, Escaping Average doesn’t intimidate with lofty goals and exaggerated promises. Instead, the book encourages the reader to make small changes that can result in big transformations. Escaping Average provides practical plans that can easily be put into action. Cynthia Tripathi uses a considerate, friendly and honest voice that makes it an easy read."                                                             -Kristi Lira

"Escaping Average is a book I will be reading at least once a year.  It is a great way to remind yourself the importance of optimizing the core areas of your life.  I read the book and from implementing just a few of the tips it contains, was able to make significant progress in areas I had been stuck in for years.  The tips are simple and easy to implement and have the power to "tip" your life into a more positive direction immediately.  Cynthia based the bulk of the book on research and interviews of people who are already achieving extraordinary results in the given lifestyle categories. We are all doing some things right.  This book will point those things out, as well as help you see clearly where you can improve.  No matter what stage of life you are in Escaping Average is for you.  I highly recommend reading Escaping Average today."
-Mark Garrett